February 24, noon-5pm ET

This workshop is for you if you're interested in advancing your skills and impact in leadership or coaching leaders. This workshop introduces the foundations of IGL’s Generative Leadership or Coaching Excellence in Organizations programs. The Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) offers one-year development programs in both fields for those who are serious about elevating their value and impact in the world and developing new personal skills for leadership and results.
The Generative Leadership Program (GLP) and the Coaching Excellence in Organizations program (CEO) have been enabling thousands of leaders and coaches to create greater value, meaning, and satisfaction since 1998.
Our Generative programs are a serious commitment to professional and personal development spanning one-year segments focused on hands on practice, application, and results. The Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) makes a big promise to you as a program participant for developing skills and new results based on your engagement in new practices and application projects in your work and life. 
Generative Leadership illuminates the cultural blind spots that hinder leaders, teams, and organizations to enable new choices, actions, and results. It integrates the leadership journey with the learning journey and life journey of each participant. 

Having a conversation is the first step in a leadership journey.

Let’s explore how we can help you achieve the goals that matter to you!

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Your Opening Generative Leadership Conference is March 23, 24, 30, 31
Conference days are 10am-6pm ET, except on March 31 it’s 11am-3pm ET
One-Year Tuition: $9950
Special Discounts for the first year only  
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